SANEDO – A Popular Dance Form from Gujarat!


These days, you can find a lot of details related to SANEDO online. There are some websites
from where you can download SANEDO for free and can meet your music listening
requirements in the best possible manner. But before you delve deep into this activity, it’s
always better to understand what SANEDO is and what sort of entertainment it can provide
you. Well, the original pronunciation of SANEDO is the Snehdo which is a Gujarati term. This
term is derived from Sneh, which is the original Gujarati word. This term is also having striking
similarity to the term Bhavai, which is the folk drama and quite famous in Gujarat, India. Dance
is in Indian culture and no matter what the festival is, dance is everywhere and people really
want to dance at every possible opportunity. There are lots of people from all over the world
from whom dance is a way of relaxing in this stressful life which we live in the current time.

during 1980’s the most popular folk artist from Gujarat named as Arvind Barot has performed
SANEDO on the stage for quite a few times. He is the one who deserve all the credits to make
it more popular in a quick time and has also added SANEDO to the main stream of drama. and
there is just another Gujarati folk artist named as Maniraj Barot who takes all the credit to make
SANEDO enough popular among the people at this state in India. It’s Maniraj Barot who has
managed to make SANEDO really popular among Gujarati people and among others in this
country. This folk drama was played by him during the Navratri for quite a few times and at
some of the wedding parties as well. Wedding is a place where people from all over meet up and
this is a great time to dance for friends and family and enjoy.


As far as the SANEDO topics are concerned, these can be just anything and can range from
youth, and satire to romance. Due to this reason SANEDO has managed to get added for the
mainstream drama in Gujarat quickly. People have adopted the topics of SANEDO folk dramas
wholeheartedly in this part of the world. The popularity is growing leaps and bounds and people
have starting accepting this a great deal in various forms.

As far as Sanedo is concerned, it was first originated at the villages located in Patan District of
Gujarat. Soon, it has managed to become quite a popular dance style among people who use to
speak Gujarati. Especially, Gujarati people located in Britain and North America are having a
great inclination towards SANEDO. Well, this type of dance form is particularly played during
the occasions like Navratri, parties and wedding like celebrations.

In order to add the background music for such dance form, a musical instrument named as Daklu
is played. This musical instrument looks like a drum. However, it is bigger is size than a normal